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Blog: June 2016
June 27, 2016
Car Accident Lawyer Believes Proactive Steps Can Reduce Teen Driver Accidents
Car Accident Lawyer Asks Parents To Take Immediate Steps To Decrease Teen Driver Accidents Teen Driver Accidents Statistics The number of teen motor vehicle fatalities in California for 16 to 19 year olds increased almost two percent between 2...
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June 20, 2016
Tips for Sharing the Road with Commercial Trucks from a Wrongful Death Attorney
Losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident is something you will never completely get over. Any time we lose a family member it is difficult; however, when the death is due to a preventable accident, the grief and anger can be overwhel...
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June 13, 2016
How Do Truck Accidents Lawyers Determine Who to Sue in a Truck Crash?
Who is to blame for a commercial truck crash? Sometimes that is not easy to determine. In May parts of Interstate 5 and Interstate 805 were shut down when three separate tractor-trailer crashes occurred. When a truck is involved in a motor vehicle crash, a tr...
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June 06, 2016
Wrongful Death Lawyer Discusses How to Spot Drunk Drivers
As a DUI wrongful death lawyer, I see the destruction caused by DUI accidents and the terrible loss experienced by the families of drunk driving accidents. Something must be done to decrease the number of DUI accidents on our roads. DUI accidents or drunk driving accidents continue ...
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