The Levinson Law Group’s Mission

The mission of The Levinson Law Group demonstrates our desire to support Oceanside City and its citizens by:

  • Holding reckless drivers accountable when they cause injuries because of distracted driving, impaired driving, DUI, and texting while driving;
  • Being a positive force in Oceanside City through charitable activities; and,
  • Being supportive of our clients as they heal from life-altering injuries and as they find closure and peace through forgiveness and acceptance.

We want to make Vista City a great place to live and work. This desire is reflected in our Mission State:

  • We will work to create a safe community by fighting back against drivers who text while driving or drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs by holding these reckless drivers responsible for the injuries they cause to others;
  • We will participate in volunteer work and charitable giving to support the community; and,
  • We will help our clients find closure as they heal from life-changing injuries and fight for our clients to receive justice from the party responsible for their injuries.

The Levinson Law Firm is proud to be a member of the San Marcos community. It is our desire to:

  • Make San Marcos a safer community by holding reckless drivers responsible for the injuries they cause to others when they drive while impaired, texting, or distracted;
  • Support San Marcos through volunteer work and by giving to local charities; and,
  • Help individuals who have suffered severe injuries in an accident achieve closure and peace by seeking justice from the negligent party.

Our desire is to support the citizens of Escondido in the following ways:

  • Fight back against reckless and negligent drivers who cause harm to others because they chose to drive while texting, distracted, or impaired;
  • Be a positive force in the community by supporting local charities and performing volunteer work in the community; and,
  • Fighting for justice for our clients as they heal from life-altering injuries so they can find closure and peace.
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