Gordon Levinson Discusses the Use of Expert Witnesses in Trial Bar News Article

Carlsbad Personal Injury Attorney and Founding Partner of Levinson Law Group Gordon R. Levinson has dedicated his practice to fighting on behalf of the injured and the wronged. Over the course of a career representing more than 3,000 clients in courts across the country, he has helped many clients navigate the challenges of litigation. Due to his focus on preparation and connections with professional experts, he has produced successful results in even the most difficult cases, and has secured a reputation as a bold and unwavering trial lawyer.

In an article that appeared in Trial Bar News, a legal journal published by Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, Mr. Levinson shares his insight on litigation tactics involving the use of expert witnesses. The article – Dealing with Expert Witnesses ­– discusses the importance of working with specialists who testify during trial and how fellow trial lawyers can leverage the opinions of experts effectively in their cases.

Mr. Levinson begins his article candidly, detailing how working with expert witnesses has a learning curve that requires time, practice, and patience. By explaining some of his personal experiences, he calls attention to the simple lesson of preparing game plans based on fundamentals, as well as executing those game plans in a disciplined manner.

Most cases that head to litigation will involve experts, especially complex cases such as medical malpractice. As such, knowing the basics is critical. This includes qualifying an expert to ensure they are a specialist in their area of focus, exploring their background, and establishing their credibility. Mr. Levinson also notes that attorneys should evaluate an expert’s work experience, and work to compel juries into understanding their professional titles and the meaning of their application.

After qualifying an expert, Mr. Levinson touches on practical approaches to preparation, including the benefits of understanding the opposition’s stipulation before trial begins. This can aid in the presentation of materials or diagrams created by an expert, deflection of opponent’s objections, and help further establish an expert’s qualifications to make such opinions in the form of admissible evidence. Returning to the focus on basics, attorneys should also carefully explain the credibility of the information provided by specialists and check local rules for any special requirements involving the use of illustrations or charts.

A seasoned personal injury trial lawyer who also has experience on the “other side” as an insurance defense attorney, Mr. Levinson draws from his insight to remind fellow lawyers about preparing for objections raised by the opposition – objections they would expect to raise themselves. This can help in the preparation of rebuttals and increase effectiveness in dealing with experts.

Ultimately, Mr. Levinson’s article is a meditation on how crucial diligent preparation is to trial, not only concerning the arguments one intends to present on behalf of their client, but also in all other aspects and evidence that will be admitted as evidence – including expert opinions. When lawyers understand the basics, know the rules, qualify their experts, and prepare themselves for challenges that attempt to discredit expert testimony, they put themselves in position to get juries on their side and win cases for their clients.

Attorney Gordon Levinson has cultivated a reputation as a skilled and successful personal injury attorney capable of producing positive outcomes during both settlement negotiations and trials. His commitment to the art of law transcends the work he does for our firm’s clients, and carries over into sharing his knowledge with fellow legal professionals who also represent plaintiffs and consumers. By sharing his insight and providing helpful tips, he helps ensure consumer attorneys have the tools needed to effectively represent local men and women as they navigate their unique legal matters.

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