Our 3 Guarantees

Learn Why You Can Have 100% Confidence in Our Carlsbad Personal Injury Lawyers

We are the only personal injury law firm in California that guarantees our results. Sustaining injuries after an accident can turn your world upside down and leave you reeling. Our team at the Levinson Law Group understands what you are going through. At this time, you deserve to have confidence in your legal representation. That’s why our Carlsbad auto accident lawyers offer three distinct guarantees in regards to our service and advocacy on behalf of injured clients.

Guarantee #1: You Will Net More Money as a Result Of Retaining Our Firm.

If you already have an offer from an insurance company before you retain us, we guarantee that if you retain us you will put more money into your pocket in the settlement than you would have received if you had taken the insurance company’s original offer. We are so confident of this, that if your net outcome is less than it would have been had you accepted the original offer, we will cut our fee to make up the difference. And that guarantee will be in writing.

Guarantee #2: You Will Put Money Into Your Pocket Even If Your Medical Bills Are Greater Than The Insurance Policy Limits.

We guarantee that even if your medical bills are greater than the available auto insurance policy limits, you will put money into your pocket in the settlement. We are so confident of this, that if your entire settlement is used to pay your medical bills, we will waive our fee. And that guarantee will be in writing as well.

Guarantee #3: You Pay Nothing Unless We Win Your Case.

We guarantee—in writing—that you will not pay us a fee or reimburse us our costs if we do not win your case, either by:

You shouldn’t have to worry about exorbitant legal fees on top of the expenses you are already paying after your injury for medical care and missed wages. That’s why you don’t pay us if we don’t win your case. If we do win, our fee is taken as a percentage of your recovery, with those terms established in writing before we begin work on your case.

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Our team of attorneys is dedicated to outstanding advocacy and positive results. We fight for your rights because we are passionate about what we do and dedicated to protecting the futures of those injured in our community. We fight to win. Learn more about our 3 Guarantees and how the integrity we maintain as a firm could benefit your case. Call the Levinson Law Group at (760) 642-5475 to arrange a case review, free of charge.

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