Has your business been interrupted and stopped through no fault of your own? Did a disaster, like a flood, tornado, hurricane, pandemic or similar force you to stop providing goods or services? If that’s the case, what you need are solutions, quickly. We can help you to file business interruption insurance claims. These claims can help you to get the money that you need to keep going. 

We are Coronavirus-Ready and compliant.  You will not have to leave your home to work with us.  All interactions with our firm can be done by phone or electronic means during the Coronavirus pandemic.

What Business-Interruption Insurance Claims Cover 

business interruption

The specifics as to what these claims cover varies from one business to the next. For the most part, they tend to cover costs that are still being incurred by the property even though it’s shut down, such as operating expenses. Loss of profits you would have made is covered, as is any temporary location expenses. As the property is not accessible at this time, any extra expenses beyond the fixed costs to continue operation could be covered, as well. 


It’s important to note that these claims are different from property insurance. For example, your property insurance may cover physical damages from earthquakes, floods, fires and similar, but those don’t cover the losses to your business. The COVID-19 pandemic, for one, has made it impossible for many businesses to operate, but did not cause any physical damage to a structure. We can help you to receive money for the damage that’s been done to your business. You need experienced attornies on your side, as many insurance companies are attempting to withhold business interruption insurance during coronavirus.


Different Types of Business Interruption 


We’ve found that many clients who had a valid claim didn’t realize all of the different things that they should be compensated for with this insurance. You may be able to receive money for losing not just business, but also access to suppliers of business-critical materials. Many businesses do what they can to continue business activities after suffering these losses, paying employees’ salaries, rent, the mortgage, etc. – that could be covered in these claims. 


When the government orders your business to shut down, or if you’re unable to enter or leave your property to do your business, these claims could cover that as well. Many business owners aren’t aware of everything that’s in their insurance policy through no fault of their own. These policies are intentionally written to be as difficult as possible to understand. The Levinson Law Group can provide support as well as solutions. 


The Levinson Law Group 


If your business has been shut down due to a disaster like a pandemic, there is help available. The Levinson Law Group has years of experience in helping businesses to get back on their feet and stay there. Additionally, many valid insurance claims are denied by insurance companies regardless of their validity. When this happens, the insurance company hopes that you won’t reach out to a law firm, and will simply accept their decision. We can help you to figure out exactly what your rights are as well as what you can expect. After years of working for the biggest insurance companies in the world, Gordon Levinson of the Levinson Law Group has brought his experience to the other side, helping people like you. Schedule a free consultation today: (877) 256-3946.