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November 29, 2016
Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney to Sue a Car Manufacturer for Wrongful Death?
Losing a loved one in a car crash is devastating. The thought that the car crash could be due to a preventable reason such as a defect in the vehicle’s design or a flaw in manufacturing can be overwhelming. For the family of actor Paul Wal...
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August 15, 2016
What Damages Can I Claim as a Survivor in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?
Are you struggling after the death of a loved one? Do you wonder if the death of your loved one meets the definition of a wrongful death? How can the legal system compensate you for the loss of a family member? Should you contact a wrongful death lawyer to discus...
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July 18, 2016
Common Types of Cases Handled by a Wrongful Death Lawyer
Have you lost a loved one in an accident? Has your live been turned upside down because a family member died suddenly? Was the death of your loved one preventable? Have you considered contacting a wrongful death lawyer? The wrongful death lawyer of The Levinson Law Group understands h...
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July 05, 2016
Wrongful Death Lawyer Discusses Waivers of Liability in Wrongful Death Claims
With summer here, many parents are being asked to sign waivers of liability for their children and themselves to participate in various activities. Before signing a waiver of liability, it is a good idea to learn more about these legal documen...
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June 20, 2016
Tips for Sharing the Road with Commercial Trucks from a Wrongful Death Attorney
Losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident is something you will never completely get over. Any time we lose a family member it is difficult; however, when the death is due to a preventable accident, the grief and anger can be overwhel...
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June 06, 2016
Wrongful Death Lawyer Discusses How to Spot Drunk Drivers
As a DUI wrongful death lawyer, I see the destruction caused by DUI accidents and the terrible loss experienced by the families of drunk driving accidents. Something must be done to decrease the number of DUI accidents on our roads. DUI accidents or drunk driving accidents continue ...
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