COVID-19 Grants

covid grant

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of essentially everyone in the country, but some have been hit harder than most. Through their work with The Levinson Foundation, the Levinson Law Group has been distributing several emergency $450 grant checks throughout the greater community. These checks have gone specifically to those who are the most vulnerable to being negatively affected by the pandemic. 


As of this writing, recipients include: 


A Carlsbad family of four with a two-year-old as well as a two-month old. They’re on the brink of losing their already-small apartment because the pandemic devastated their income. 


An Oceanside family of four with a 22-month-old and a 6-month-old. Dad and Mom were a copy editor and a medical office worker respectively before the pandemic shut down their places of employment, robbing them of a paycheck. 


A disabled homeless woman who lives in her car with her dog. The pandemic has worsened the already difficult daily struggle for adequate food. 


A family of three in a small apartment, facing the possibility of homelessness. Out of work due to injuries in addition to the pandemic, the pandemic has only made things worse. 


An extremely hard working single mom who works every night as a custodian while taking care of two children at home has had to work the same hours for less pay. She volunteered to give some of her hours to co-workers to help keep them afloat. 


A food catering worker recently injured her back so can no longer do the job, and before the injury, she was facing homelessness and living off of her social security check. 


A man who has been forced to live on a friend’s boat after being evicted, struggling to be able to afford food. 


A bookkeeper and an electrician who have always been looking for ways to help others recently lost work. The electrician was on the brink of being accepted into the union when the pandemic hit. 


A couple that lives in a tent in State Park due to an inability to pay rent. The pandemic threatens their access to basic necessities 


A kind man who was impoverished before the pandemic and is facing even more enormous hardship now. 


A young family with two young children and a third due in May. Both parents teach in a school that’s been shut down, while the husband has been doing his social worker apprenticeship at night. The pandemic threatens their very survival. 


These are just a few of the people that these grants will be awarded to. There will be others as the pandemic goes on. Now is a time of compassion, a time for all of us to work together. We hope in some small way that these grants improve people’s lives.