Are you suffering from a permanent medical condition because of the negligent actions of another party? Were you injured due to an automobile accident, dog bite, boating accident, or other personal injury? Has your accident prevented you from returning to work or living a normal life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a reliable San Diego personal injury attorney who returns your calls and treats you as if you were their only client. As you struggle to recover from your injuries, you need a support system to handle the red tape, the insurance adjusters, the hospital, the auto body shops, and other parties and entities of interest.


After being in an accident, your main priority is to take care of yourself and others. After a crash in San Diego, you should:

  1. Check yourself and others for injuries. If someone is injured, seek medical attention immediately.
  2. Exchange insurance/contact information with the other party involved in the crash. After doing so, report the collision to the police and your insurance company.
  3. Document the crash and gather evidence. Take pictures of the cars involved, weather conditions, and any damages and injuries.
  4. Contact a car accident lawyer. Call a San Diego car accident lawyer right away to get help with your personal injury case.

Safety is always the most critical concern after a crash, but you also need to gather and document all evidence from the scene of the accident. Any evidence from the collision could help you with your personal injury case. Pictures of damages and medical records could all help determine your compensation.


Injuries and accidents cause pain and losses for victims, whether it’s financial or emotional. Fortunately, California law allows victims to get compensation for car accident damages such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages (current and future)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other non-monetary losses, such as emotional distress

California’s statute of limitations gives victims two years from the date of the injury to file a claim (California Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1). If you don’t file within this period, your case will be dismissed, and you might lose your right to compensation.

An experienced San Diego car accident lawyer helps people like you get the compensation they deserve. Contact a lawyer right away to file a personal injury claim.


The Levinson Law Group can provide you with the support system you need as you recover from your accident. When you work with Gordon R. Levinson, you’ll have a former insurance company lawyer on your side. At the Levinson Law Group, we accept cases on a contingent fee. That means that if there is no recovery in your case, you pay no fee. And in most cases, we even advance the costs. For your free consultation, call (760) 642-5475 today.

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The Levinson Law Group is committed to helping the residents of San Diego create a strong community by:

  • Working to reduce traffic accidents by supporting programs against texting and driving, drunk drivers, and distracted drivers while holding reckless drivers responsible when they cause harm to others;
  • Supporting and contributing to local charities; and,
  • Fighting on behalf of our clients as they heal from traumatic injuries and work to find peace and closure after an injury.

By far, the most rewarding aspect of our job is advocating for our clients and going up against some of California’s largest insurance companies. If you have been injured in an accident, you need a San Diego auto accident lawyer who understands what steps to take to get the fair compensation available under the law.


Gordon Levinson has lived and worked in San Diego County most of his life. San Diego County was his home when he married his wife. Two of his three children were born in San Diego, CA—one at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla and the other at Palomar Medical Center Escondido. Gordon graduated from college in San Diego County from California State University San Marcos, where he received his bachelor’s degree in history with honors. While Gordon’s children were young, they spent much of their childhood enjoying San Diego’s amenities, such as the San Diego Zoo and Sea World San Diego. So, although Gordon is originally a Northern California import, his San Diego roots run deep.

Throughout his undergraduate career, Gordon worked as a parking valet at the landmark San Diego hotel L’Auberge Del Mar. Moreover, Gordon has spent nearly his entire career as an attorney in San Diego County—first as an insurance-defense litigator for White and Bright in Escondido, CA and the Law Office of James Rogers in Solana Beach, CA, then as a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer in Del Mar, CA, and then in Carlsbad. He is a leading San Diego car accident lawyer who has handled hundreds of cases.


One of the Levinson Law Group’s most fascinating cases comes from a high-speed freeway collision that occurred on Interstate 5 close to the Sassafras Street exit near the San Diego International Airport. The client was a young woman in her early twenties. A careless motorist was attempting to pass her on the freeway going more than 85 miles per hour and just barely made contact with her rear bumper. However, that brief contact caused the client’s car to spin out of control and slam into the concrete divider. In the crash, the client suffered a concussion, a fractured clavicle, a fractured lateral epicondyle (commonly known as the elbow), annular tearing along her cervical discs, a lumbar sprain / strain, and another rare injury that the Levinson Law Group had never encountered before: Complex regional pain syndrome, also referred to as RSD.

Complex regional pain syndrome is a cruel injury where the victim feels a burning sensation from the point of the trauma—her elbow, in this case—that radiates to the end of the extremities; the tips of her fingers. Despite all medical efforts to alleviate the burning sensation, victims of complex regional pain syndrome experience symptoms for the rest of their lives. Other symptoms include exaggerated hair growth in the afflicted areas and slight skin discoloration. Although the Levinson Law Group was able to obtain a full policy limits settlement for this client in the low to mid-six figures, unfortunately, there is no known cure for complex regional pain syndrome, and recovery varies from person to person. We at the Levinson Law Group are praying for this client to obtain a full recovery, but her prognosis is undetermined at this time.


You never believe that it could happen to you, and to your family, but in just a few seconds, your entire life could change because of one careless person. Each day in San Diego County, people are seriously injured in motorcycle accidents, collisions with trucks, car accidents, boating accidents, and dog bite incidents. The negligent and reckless actions of another person can result in physical, emotional, and financial consequences for the victim.

The residents of San Diego County face serious injury from a variety of accidents each year. During 2012, 5,506 people were injured or killed in vehicle accidents in San Diego County. Of that number, 219 people were motorcyclists, 586 were pedestrians, and 524 were bicyclists. During the same year, San Diego County had 42 boating accidents that resulted in 30 injuries, 4 fatalities, and almost $230,000 in property damage. It is not just vehicle and boating accidents that cause harm. California has the most deadly dog attacks in the country. During 2013, five people were killed in San Diego County and another 2,500 were injured in dog bite incidents. When you take into account all of the accident victims in San Diego County that are injured through no fault of their own, thousands of residents are effected each year from some type of personal injury.

Some accidents can be prevented. The Injury Prevention & Control information published by the Centers for Disease Control offers excellent tips and suggestions for avoiding accidents and injuries. Of course, not all accidents can be avoided, especially when the accident is caused because of the negligence of another party. When that is the case, you need an experienced San Diego personal injury law firm to stand up for your rights and provide support during your case.


Open a phone book and you will see listings for hundreds of personal injury attorneys in San Diego, all promising to “fight for your rights” and offering a free consultation. But how do you pick a lawyer who will really fight for you?

In our experience, the most satisfied clients are those who take the time to feel out different lawyers and then only pick the one that works best for them. Let’s give you an example.

Say you are injured in a T-bone collision and need a car accident attorney in San Diego to handle your case. What steps should you take?

  • Get referrals. Looking in the phone book is nice, but you can ask people who have been injured in a car accident if they would recommend their lawyer.
  • Check the lawyer’s website. A lawyer is only as professional as the image he presents to the public. If the website is sloppy and full of grammatical errors, you can expect the lawyer to be careless in how he represents you.
  • Check the lawyer’s experience. A lawyer who has passed the bar exam can provide a minimal level of competent representation. But you’ll want a lawyer who has handled multiple car accident cases before. That kind of experience helps the lawyer handle your case much more effectively and efficiently.

If the lawyer’s experience matches up with your needs, you can schedule a consultation. Remember to ask important questions, such as how the lawyer communicates and what his fee agreement is. Also, ask the lawyer for an honest assessment.

Honesty is key to good lawyering. Run, don’t walk, from any lawyer who promises a certain result or who says your case is a “slam dunk.” When deciding your lawyer, go with your gut. You want to feel comfortable with whomever you hire.


Our team has helped countless people just like you, and we have the legal expertise needed to protect your rights and best interests.

We can assist you by:

  • Talking to you about the accident to get your perspective about what happened.
  • Interviewing key witnesses to the incident who can explain how it unfolded.
  • Visiting the scene of the accident to find helpful evidence.
  • Reviewing the police report to find out more information about the accident.
  • And more.

Cases are not as clear cut as they often seem, and we’ll carefully analyze the evidence to build the strongest case. Get started on your case today.

San Diego Car Accident Infographic – A Quick Guide


If you need a San Diego personal injury attorney, contact our office at (760) 642-5475 or use our online contact form to ask a question or to schedule a free consultation.

We want to help you and your family to obtain justice as you continue to recover from your injuries. We’re here for you, and we fight to win.