Have you experienced a traumatic brain injury in a Vista automobile accident or other personal injury accident? Has your life changed dramatically due to your personal injury? Are you having difficulty finding the right medical providers to help you recover? If so, the Vista personal injury attorneys and other professionals at the Levinson Law Group are here to help you as you seek to find competent medical care so you can move forward with your life. We are also here to help you deal with the legal issues involved when a negligent party causes another person injury.

Gordon R. Levinson of the Levinson Law Group is a former volunteer prosecutor for the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office and a former attorney for big insurance companies. He uses the valuable experience and knowledge he gained while practicing law in those positions to help him fight for the rights of injured victims in Vista and throughout California. The Levinson Law Group accepts cases on a contingent fee. That means that if there is no recovery in your case, you pay no fee. And in most cases, we even advance the costs. For your free consultation, call us at (760) 642-5475 today.


We want to make Vista a great place to live and work, as reflected in our Mission Statement:

  • We work to create a safe community by fighting back against drivers who text while driving or drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs by holding these reckless drivers responsible for the injuries they cause to others;
  • We participate in volunteer work and charitable giving to support the community; and,
  • We help our clients find closure as they heal from life-changing injuries and fight for our clients to find justice as we confront the party or parties responsible for their injuries.


Vista, CA, will always be special to Gordon Levinson because that is where the North County Branch of the San Diego County Superior Court is located, and that is where Gordon served as a Volunteer Prosecutor for the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office early in his legal career.

At the Office of the District Attorney, Gordon tried four jury trials in his one-month tenure, winning three of them. Trying criminal cases for domestic violence, battery with intent to commit great bodily harm, and theft, Gordon learned invaluable experience, which would serve him throughout the rest of his career as a civil litigator. There simply is no substitute for hands-on experience in the courtroom, and by practicing the five phases of trial—jury selection, opening statement, direct examination, cross examination, and closing argument—in the Vista, California D.A.’s office prosecuting accused criminals, Gordon learned his way around a courtroom.

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Vista, CA is also the home of two of the Levinson Law Group’s favorite clients, an elderly married couple who were involved in a T-bone accident at an intersection collision, causing a traumatic brain injury and permanent hearing loss to the driver. The crash rendered the driver unconscious for almost a minute. When she awoke, she was being liberated from the destroyed vehicle by paramedics. The couple was taken by ambulance from the scene of the collision to Tri-City Medical Center near the borders of Oceanside, Vista, and San Marcos.

After almost a year of frustrating treatment, which never seemed to result in her hearing loss improving, the Levinson Law Group referred her to a talented neurologist in Vista. This Vista neurologist finally made the correct diagnosis of an inner ear fistula injury, but unfortunately, delivered the bad news that the hearing loss was permanent. However, the good news is that, armed with this Vista neurologist’s opinion that the car collision caused the hearing loss, the Levinson Law Group was able to obtain a six-figure outcome for the injured driver.


Vista, CA is located in northwestern San Diego County and is part of the San Diego Metropolitan area. Because the City of Vista was not incorporated until 1963 and did not become a charter city until June of 2007, some people may assume that it does not have a long history; however, that would be incorrect. In 1798, the San Luis Rey Mission was built and the area was developed into agricultural holdings. Over the next two centuries, Vista continued to grow and develop into the thriving city it is today. The Vista Historical Society built a new museum to preserve Vista’s rich history.

Today, over 95,000 people call Vista home. Many more come to Vista each year to visit. The Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum, The Wave Waterpark, Rancho Vista Adobe, and La Casa de Rancho Guajome are just some of the many attractions Vista has to offer. During the summer, Vista’s Moonlight Amphitheatre provides live entertainment options. Visitors can also attend Movies in the Park, a free summer series. If you are searching for fresh local produce, products, and crafts, visit the oldest farmers market in San Diego County, the Vista Farmers Market. Vista is a wonderful place to live, with numerous city and residential services that provide resources and support for businesses, residents, and visitors.


Vista, with a population of around 94,000 is located in northwestern San Diego County. Vista has featured a number of different populations over the years, beginning with the Luiseño Indians. The San Luis Rey Mission was established in 1798, giving way after Mexican Independence to three ranchos. Vista boasted the first successful winery in the country in 1886.

Later, fruits and vegetables flourished, and Vista became the “avocado capital of the world.” Its Mediterranean climate also makes it a center for the plant nursery industry. In a 2008 review, Vista was listed as one of the best places in America for family life, based on job opportunities, education, climate, and cost-of-living.


At the Levinson Law Group, we are dedicated to our community and our clients. We fight to win. If you have been injured in a Vista accident, contact our office at (760) 642-5475 or use our online contact form to ask a question or to schedule a free consultation. We want to help you and your family find justice as you continue to recover from your injuries.