Why choose us?
We Win.
Why choose us?
We Win.

Almost $100 MILLION Recovered

for Men, Women and Families in San Diego

$6.45 Million

Car Accident

$4.75 Million

Car Accident

$2.25 Million

Premise Liability Accident

$1.25 Million

Pedestrian Accident

$1 Million

Car Accident

$1 Million

Truck vs. Car Accident

$1 Million

Pedestrian Accident

We’re More Than Lawyers

We’re Your Support System

Are you injured from a car accident? Is a loved one seriously hurt from a vehicle crash? Are you unsure if the insurance company is handling your claim fairly? We understand that you’re stressed and address it quickly and confidentially. Sometimes that looks like getting you a rental car so you can still take your kids to school. Sometimes that means connecting you with medical specialists who can treat a particular injury even if you don’t have medical insurance. Sometimes that means being a stern voice with the insurance company. Often that means getting you compensation to pay for the resulting costs of a catastrophic accident.

At Levinson Law Group, we are so much more than San Diego car accident lawyers. We’re your support system managing the paperwork, negotiations and logistics, so you can keep your focus on healing, providing comfort to a loved one or helping get your family back into their familiar routine.

We Are Trial Lawyers

For years, Gordon represented the largest insurance carriers in North America in both state and federal litigation, as well as defending the insureds. Put Gordon’s background and experience to work for you, whether you are a victim of a life-altering tragedy, or the aggrieved loved one of someone killed in a wrongful-death incident.

We have represented nearly 4,000 of your fellow community members with injuries ranging from whiplash to death, which is why we’re proud to say that the majority of our cases are referred to us by former clients, doctors, attorneys, and even judges and court staff.

Gordon has successfully represented clients in more than thirty California State Trial Courts, three Federal District Courts, three California Courts of Appeal and the California Supreme Court. He represented the prevailing parties in the published appellate case known as Scheiding v. Dinwiddie Construction Co. (1999) 69 Cal.App.4th 64.

We believe in the teachings of Sun Tzu in The Art of War when applied to litigation that every case should be prepared to try to get the most in settlement. But if settlement cannot be achieved, that’s even better, because now we get to try the case to a jury.

Are You Worried...

About unplanned expenses like car repairs and medical bills?
About your ability to do the job you did before your accident, or how you will get there in the first place?
And frustrated with the insurance company and their lack of basic human decency?
That you are not getting a fair deal from the insurance company?

Levinson Law Group will solve these problems for you.

Our job is to make sure insurance companies don’t pull one over on you and that you get what you and your family need to heal and move forward with your life comfortably and confidently.

Why San Diego Families

Work With Us

Real Trial Lawyers

Insurance companies know us because we go to trial. We don’t settle just for the sake of settling. We do the action that’s in your best interest.
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Good People From the Neighborhood

Our services are based in honesty, care, respect, and trust. These values are the cornerstone of our work and we wouldn’t be successful if they didn’t always come first.
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Experts in Car Accidents

We do what we do well and that’s car accidents - just car accidents. We’ve built our practice around being the best in the market for this niche area. There’s no one better.
What We Do

Recommended By San Diegans

We have worked with 3,500+ of your neighbors. Many of our clients come to us from referrals and that’s the biggest compliment we can get.
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Socially Responsible

Our success means something bigger than financial gain. Our passion for this work is so strong (and different from other law firms) because we understand the powerful change it can bring to our community when it’s done right, and we do it right.
Our Commitment

Almost $100 Million Recovered

The money we recover for our clients is money that is owed to them from insurance companies. We hold the big guys accountable to ensure you or your family members are fairly compensated for your injuries
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We Make Your Life Easier During a Crisis

Our San Diego car accident lawyer team makes it easy to work with us because we appreciate how difficult this process has been for you. Don’t worry, that all changes with your first phone call.

Free Consultation

Call and chat with us. Ask us questions. Get answers. Feel comfortable knowing your options. There is no obligation and it’s always confidential.

24/7/365 Availability

Accidents don’t happen at a convenient time, but that’s okay because we’re always here. Call or email us when you need us - even if it’s outside the nine to five.


Your injury and your accident are your business and your business alone. We are sensitive to your needs about privacy - for you, for the kids, for your job. Your call to our San Diego car accident lawyers is always in confidence.

Why We Care So Much

We are San Diego car accident lawyers and proud residents of this community. Levinson Law Group plays an important role in our community, because we want a safe place to raise our families too. Our role is in part to hold dangerous drivers accountable, but also to seek ways we can improve, rebuild and educate.
To make San Diego a safer community by fighting back against texting, distracted, drunk, impaired, and reckless drivers who cause harm on our roadways and pose a threat to our families.
To support our community and be a positive force through charitable giving and volunteer work because our success can fuel even bigger change.
To fight for our clients as they heal from life-altering injuries and progress through finding gratitude, forgiveness and ultimately closure and peace.
To grow and foster an understanding of the importance of safe roadways via education and scholarship.

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“…Polite, kind, gracious and very understanding…”

Patricia Wilch

“…I finally decided to hire help. It was the best decision I made…”

Carolyn Curry

“…They took care of everything for me and left me to just work on healing after my accident…”

Fred Tracey

“…the team really listens to you, didn’t feel like I was just another case…”

Rob Morfin