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In many cases, the outcome of a personal injury claim will be influenced as much or more by perception than fact. As you approach your trial date keep this in mind. The following will point out things that will likely improve your chance for a better outcome. Some of the things that make a stronger […]

Vehicle insurance, in the United States, is designed to cover the risk of financial liability or the loss of a motor vehicle the owner may face if their vehicle is involved in a collision resulting in property or physical damages. Most states require a motor vehicle owner to carry some minimum level of liability insurance. […]

If you are about to pursue a bodily-injury claim against an insurance company, you are about to go to war. You have to understand that the insurance company is a for-profit corporation whose sole mission is to pay you as little money as possible. Do not assume the insurance company will be fair and reasonable. […]

After a crash, the two most important things you need to do are to seek immediate medical attention and to retain legal counsel. If you get into a crash on the roadway, and if you are not disabled, do the following: first, immediately get to a place of safety. Your first priority should be to […]