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August 02, 2018
Does auto insurance cover bicycle accidents?
The National Highway Traffic Safety Agency reported 147 people died in bicycle accidents in California last year. That accounts for 4% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents in the state. Fortunately, the San Diego area only had one fatal bicycle accident. Comparatively, Los Angeles had 20 deadly crashes. It i...
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July 30, 2018
Will my health insurance cover me in a motorcycle accident?
If you were in a recent motorcycle accident, then you need to understand what insurance covers your collision. For example, you might want to know if your health insurance company can cover significant bodily injuries after a crash. To ensure you use the right insurance for your...
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July 26, 2018
What happens if an uninsured driver hits you?
15.2% of all drivers on the road in California are uninsured according to the 2017 IRC Report. If an uninsured motorist ever hit you, then you need to know how to deal with the situation. First, drivers need to file a claim with their insurance company. That action could hurt your insurance record and add ...
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July 20, 2018
What happens if you don’t report a car accident?
Accidents are a pain! They emotionally drag you down and often have physical and property damages you need to recover. Despite these challenges, you must still report a significant car accident. That is why we discuss how important it is to report an accident to the proper authorities. Is it the ...
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July 18, 2018
How Do You Know if The Owner or Driver is Liable in A Car Accident?
Here’s an all too common scenario that clients call us for at Levinson Law Group. A driver is going south on Route 5 during rush hour when the car behind hits the brakes at the last second. Alas, it is too late, and the vehicle rear-ends the vehicle. The driver g...
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July 16, 2018
How long after a car accident can you claim injury
A prospective client called about an accident they had six weeks earlier. He did not contact an attorney at first because he thought the injury was not serious. As the medical bills and gravity of the injury grew he knew he needed legal help. We get a lot of calls like the fictional one above [&h...
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