If you have ever been in a car accident, you have first-hand experience of how they can change your life in the blink of an eye.

San Diego Fatal Lyft Accident Lawyer

If you have ever been in a car accident, you have first-hand experience of how they can change your life in the blink of an eye. Millions of Americans have been in crashes, sustained significant injuries, and have lost their lives. Some of the accidents involved a Lyft driver’s vehicle.

Being involved in an accident with a Lyft driver is not the same thing as being in a collision with other regular vehicles. This is in part because Lyft drivers are often considered to be independent contractors and not employees, and there are three different periods each driver may be in while driving. If an accident occurs, seeking compensation is tied to which period the driver was in and what amount of insurance applies in that period.

If you have been in an accident with a Lyft driver and have lost someone in the crash, talk to a fatal Lyft accident lawyer at the Levinson Law Group. We can explain how the process works. Compensation in rideshare accidents varies according to the details of the crash and how serious the injuries are. If a death is involved, the survivors may wish to pursue a wrongful death case.

The Levinson Law Group understands that survivors are worried about medical bills, and if a death is involved, the family is worried about who is going to pay funeral and burial expenses. There is a lot of red tape involved in a fatal Lyft accident, and family members who have lost someone they loved want to know who is going to handle the police, and insurance adjusters. The Levinson Law Group has straight answers to all the questions a grieving family may ask.

What happens after a fatal Lyft accident?

In the aftermath of a fatal Lyft accident, it is important to speak to a personal injury attorney with extensive experience in handling these types of collisions. There may be multiple entities and/or people responsible for causing the accident. They need to be identified correctly.

A thorough investigation into a fatal rideshare accident determines who the defendants may be, what vehicles were involved, who was behind the wheel at the time of impact, and who is financially responsible for the identified driver(s). It is possible to have multiple insurance companies with various policies in place when there is a fatal Lyft accident. Sorting out what policy was in place at the time of the crash, who was at fault, and what period the driver may have been in on the application is a task your fatal Lyft accident lawyer handles.

Causes of fatal Lyft accidents

  • The Lyft driver collides with another motor vehicle that is not another Lyft driver
  • The Lyft driver is involved in a crash with another Lyft vehicle driver
  • Another driver collides with the Lyft vehicle
  • A bus, truck or collides with a Lyft vehicle
  • A Lyft driver crashes into a truck. bus or train
  • The main difference between an accident involving two regular motor vehicles and an accident with a Lyft vehicle is that Lyft drivers are using their personal vehicles, but are part of what is considered to be a commercial transportation network. Using a personal vehicle to commercially transport someone offers unique legal challenges when it comes to proving liability. There is also the issue of whether Lyft drivers are independent contractors or employees.

About commercial transportation networks and independent contractors

The question of whether or not Lyft drivers are independent contractors or employees was seemingly resolved by California Assembly Bill 5 in January 2020. It stipulated companies such as Lyft and Uber had to reclassify independent contractors as workers. There were some exceptions.

Proposition 22 then happened in November 2020, and it designated drivers for application-based commercial transportation networks to be independent contractors.

Laws are always evolving when it comes to commercial transportation networks. If you lost a loved one in a fatal Lyft accident, contact the experienced Lyft accident attorneys at the Levinson Law Group. It is vital that you understand your legal rights and why fatal Lyft accidents are handled differently.

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