Uber passengers are at risk of injury when the vehicle they are riding in is involved in an accident. No matter how careful the driver may be, accidents still happen.

Is Uber Responsible For Passenger Injuries

Statistics relating to Uber accidents have been scarce, as rideshare companies have been reluctant to share information on how many crashes Uber/Lyft drivers have been involved in each year. Uber did release a safety report citing nationwide statistics.

The numbers in the report indicate 97 accidents involving Uber drivers that resulted in 107 deaths. Ninety percent of Uber-accident deaths happened in urban areas, with 21 percent of the reported deaths being passengers and 21 percent Uber drivers. In 2017 the Uber-related accident fatality rate was 0.59 deaths per 100 million miles traveled and 0.57 deaths per 100 million miles traveled in 2018.

Uber is ingrained in mainstream culture and very prevalent in almost every U.S. city. However, with its increased popularity comes an increase in Uber vehicles on the road and a concomitant increase in accidents involving drivers and passengers.

The Origin of Uber 

Uber came into being as an alternative to public transportation and cab services. It was billed as being less expensive and allowed drivers to earn money by using their cars and working their own hours.

There were problems with that business model. Drivers were considered independent contractors, with Uber saying they were not responsible for them and were only a middleman connecting someone who wanted a ride with someone who could provide one. If there was an accident, Uber let the driver’s vehicle insurance handle payouts and settlements.

The problem with that was insurance companies do not cover drivers who provide commercial services by driving for pay. Following several accidents involving Uber drivers, a law was passed mandating Uber drivers be employees. The company then implemented insurance to cover all of its drivers.

The insurance is different for the three periods an Uber driver operates in. In Period 1, the driver is not using the Uber application and is technically off-duty. Personal insurance covers accidents here.

In Period 2 the driver is logged into the application but does not yet have a rider or fare. Uber’s contingent insurance is operable here.

In Period 3 the Uber driver has a ride and drops the fare off. Uber’s $1,000,000 policy covers accidents here. The Uber $1 million policy acts like an uninsured/underinsured policy, covering injuries above what the at-fault driver’s insurance handles.

It’s Not Just Drivers Involved in an Accident

Uber passengers are at risk of injury when the vehicle they are riding in is involved in an accident. No matter how careful the driver may be, accidents still happen. Your Uber vehicle may be hit head-on, sideswiped, or even rear-ended.

You may be injured and sustain broken bones, severed body parts, brain injuries, nerve damage, back and neck injuries, or death. No matter what the damages are, you are may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries. Seeking compensation involves filing an insurance claim against Uber and anyone else that may be involved, depending on the circumstances of the accident, what insurance policy is applicable, who was driving, and who was deemed to be at fault.

Several factors determine how much a personal injury claim may be worth for an Uber passenger. The main issue is how serious the injuries are and what the implications are for the survivor.

Common questions when dealing with passenger injuries include:

  • Did the survivor heal properly?
  • Did the survivors’ injury result in paralysis?
  • Did the survivors’ injuries result in other medical complications?
  • Did the survivor regain his or her full mobility, range of motion in the affected area?
  • Did the injury or injuries prevent the survivor from being able to work and return to work?
  • Does the injury have a significant impact on the survivor’s life?

Each Uber injury case is different and assessed accordingly.

  1. Most accident victims do not know their legal rights and do not know the laws of the State they live in. A personal injury lawyer knows the law and how it applies To Uber car accident claims by passengers.

Plaintiffs do not realize there is the possibility of “other” damages that may be recovered in a San Diego car accident case. They do not realize the confusing process of dealing with insurance companies and sorting out whose insurance pays for what in any car accident.

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