16 Apr 2020,

Are you Searching for an Accident Law Group but Aren’t Sure One Will Help

Have you seen searching for lawyers to handle your car accident case but think that they’re all the same? Were you looking for an accident law group or something equivalent for help but you believe that in the end, they won’t be there for you? That’s completely understandable. The truth is that, after an accident, you probably don’t want to have to reach out to legal professionals, with everything you have to deal with: your health, bills, and more. It’s important to get solutions, not merely words. 

accident law group

What Won’t Wait After an Accident 

Accidents are devastating for any number of reasons, not the least of which is everything that an injured person has to deal with after the accident. Suddenly, they have to make sure that they can get health treatment. Moreover, the kind of American Medical Association approved treatment modalities that can help them to heal while keeping problems from developing later on. Maybe you have to find a new way to get to work, perhaps you need to get a hospital bed, or it could just be a question of figuring out how much your insurance is going to cover and when they’re going to cover it. 

An Accident Law Group Focused on Accidents 

Some attorneys will take any kind of case. This approach can lead to just treating a client like a number, another paycheck. For the best results, people turn to a law firm that works solely on vehicular collision cases. That means automobile crashes, yes, but also accident cases involving trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, pedestrians and more. That kind of seemingly narrow focus actually leads to a greater understanding of the process and mastery. 

Law Group With a Track Record 

The Levinson Law Group only handles vehicular accident cases. That allows the firm to be highly experienced and skilled at every different step of the process. Typically, an investigation comes first, followed by negotiating for a settlement, then possibly a trial and an appeal. At each function, the Levinson Law Group treats clients like they’re the only client that the firm has. This kind of individualized attention has not gone unnoticed, as reviews on Yelp, Google My Business, Super Lawyers, the Better Business Bureau and other renowned locations will attest. 

A Law Group That’s Seen it All 

Insurance companies have a particular way of handling these cases. No one knows that better than Gordon Levinson. For many years, he was an attorney for some of America’s biggest and most successful insurance companies. So, he was arguing on their behalf, going against injured people. Today, he’s on the other side – the side of injured people. Now, he uses his experience to help people to cut through the “red tape,” helping folks who have been through so much to benefit from his insider knowledge, on the side of aggrieved people as they take on the biggest insurance companies. Call today for your free consultation (760) 512-8088.