20 Apr 2020,

Have you Been in a Car Crash in San Diego or the Surrounding Area

Were you or someone you love in a car crash in San Diego or the area nearby? Have you been injured in a vehicular crash in the area in or around Carlsbad? Are you now dealing with injuries that keep you up nights, making it difficult to work, go to school, or move on with your life? This is the time when it’s critical to get answers that can help you immediately and not tomorrow. 

car crash in San Diego

Immediate Medical Care and Legal Counsel 

Those are the two things you need right after an accident. Getting American Medical Association approved treatment modalities as well as a clear treatment plan from medical professionals is paramount. It’s perfectly understood if you aren’t sure about your health insurance situation, as well as how you’ll be able to pay for this, while juggling getting to work or school, doing your job, etc. 

Reliable Legal Counsel after a Car Crash in San Diego 

Legal counsel can walk you through all of this, supporting you through the process. They can help you to figure out exactly who is going to pay for what as well as when. That goes for health treatment, of course, as well as more down to Earth, need to have it now needs like a hospital bed, a rental car, that kind of thing. Many people are shocked by how much “red tape” they have to weave through in the wake of an accident, whether it comes from the police, the auto body shop, and others. An accident law group with experience can assist you in cutting through all of it. 

The Levinson Law Group: Focused on Vehicular Crashes and People

The Levinson Law Group doesn’t say “we’ll take any case” or anything remotely of that nature. Instead, the firm focuses just on vehicular accident cases. That laser-like focus enables members of the law group to be experts at every step of the case process. Beyond that, they treat every customer the way they should be treated: like a real person. That means answering your calls quickly, keeping you up to date on the case, as well as just checking in on your well-being every step of the way. 

In the Courtroom, in the Community 

The Levinson Law Group has experience in taking cases from investigation, through settlement, trial, and even appeal if necessary. However, their work is not limited to the legal field. Additionally, they work in the community as well, with groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving as well as providing grants to people who have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Experienced with Insurance Companies 

Few know the ins and outs of insurance companies’ legal strategies better than Gordon Levinson. After all, he used to represent them in court. Now, he’s on the other side, the side of aggrieved people going up against the insurance companies. You can draw upon his insider knowledge to help your case. Call today for a free consultation (760) 512-8088.