3 Apr 2020,

Have you been in a T Bone Car Crash

Were you or someone you loved in a t-bone car crash? Have you been injured in an accident where one vehicle hit either the passenger or driver side of your car? As a result of this, are you now dealing with having to receive medical treatment, with grave concerns about how you’re going to afford all of this? This is the kind of situation that we founded the Levinson Legal Group to help people with. 

t-bone car crash

After a T Bone Car Crash or Any Other Kind

While a so-called “t-bone crash” can be devastating, the truth is that any vehicular accident, even one that’s seemingly “minor” can lead to lasting injury. In the wake of an accident, there are many things that any person needs. For example, it’s imperative that someone connects to a network of physicians as well as attorneys who can help them through not just the beginning of the crisis, but every step of the crisis. 

Real Solutions 

After an accident, “talk” isn’t going to cut it. An injured person needs real solutions to their problems with no time to wait. That means getting a hospital bed, getting a rental car, and equally important: getting straight answers. These straight answers can be to the most pressing questions, such as “how am I going to deal with this at work” and “do I have enough insurance (or the right insurance) to be able to pay for this?” Those are the kinds of questions that folks shouldn’t have to answer on their own. Instead, they should have experts on their side they can trust. 

The Levinson Law Group 

When people are looking for a law firm, one of the most important (but often overlooked) characteristics is reliability. It’s important to be with a firm who’s going to return your calls, who’s going to reach out to you, who’s going to treat you right. Instead of just taking any old deal because it closes the case, you want a law firm that does everything as if you’re the only client they’ll have or ever will have. 

More than Just Representation 

Yes, a law firm that represents you in negotiations and if necessary, in court is important. That said, it’s equally important to have a law firm that serves as a genuine support system. Getting help with insurance adjusters, police officers, hospitals, auto body shops, and all of the other parties that can present challenges after an accident is important, too. 

Experience and Focused Law Group 

The Levinson Law Group only handles one kind of case: vehicular accidents. That’s it. Through that intense focus, attorneys at the firm have years upon years of experience. In fact, in the case of Gordon Levinson, there’s experience on both sides of these cases. After all, he used to represent the biggest insurance companies in the world and now uses that expertise to help folks who have been in an accident. Call today for your free consultation: (760) 512-8088.