16 Mar 2020,

Have You Been in an Escondido Car Crash and Aren’t Sure What to Do?

Were you just in a terrible accident and aren’t sure what you should do next? Have you been suffering after the accident and it feels like there’s nothing you can do? Are you unsure about when, if ever, you can return to your job? These are questions that require solutions today and not tomorrow. After you’ve been in an Escondido car crash or an accident anywhere else, the most important actions to take are to get medical treatment and then to hire an attorney you can trust. 

What an Attorney You Can Trust Can Do 

Simply put, they can solve problems. They can help you navigate all of the new challenges that have arisen in your life. That could include dealing with an auto body shop that wants far more money than you might be able to pay. It might be dealing with insurance company adjusters that say all they want is to talk, but you’re worried they have ulterior motives. This could even include something as simple as getting the right rental car for your needs. To help with all of these pressing concerns and so many others, it’s important to have an attorney who puts you first. 

Escondido car crash

How an Attorney Can Put You First 

First off, they answer your phone calls. They don’t make you sit and wait seemingly forever just to have them get back to you. They make themselves available to you while making it clear that you are a priority. After all, if you can’t trust a law firm to return your calls promptly, then you probably can’t trust them to prepare the best case on your behalf, either. The right attorney for you treats you like you’re their only client, supporting you at every step of the process. 

A Law Firm People Turn To 

The phrase “people turn to” could mean “people turn to due to their experience,” which could mean that the firm would have great reviews from past clients, the Better Business Bureau, Super Lawyers, and so forth. Additionally, “people turn to” could mean “people turn to in times of need.” The Levinson Law Group has been distributing $450 emergency grants to people who have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Compassion is always important at all times, and especially so in difficult ones. To that end, the Levinson Law Group also can place people with doctors to treat their injuries, even during the pandemic. Since the Levinson Law Group is an essential service, they are able to provide legal services online, over the phone, or by any coronavirus-safe method. 

The Levinson Law Group’s Expertise 

Taking on an insurance company is unlike taking on anyone else in a case. With their experience, endless resources, armies of high powered attorneys, and host of other advantages, insurance companies can make car accident cases very difficult on clients and attorneys alike. The Levinson Law Group, however, has Gordon Levinson – he knows the insurance company’s and their tactics very well. For many years, he represented those insurance companies in courts of law against people who had been injured in vehicular accidents. Today, he can use that for you and against them. Call today for a free consultation: (760) 512-8088