27 Apr 2020,

Have you Suffered a Motorcycle Accident in California

Were you on your motorcycle when someone struck you, injuring you and damaging your motorcycle? Have you been driving when someone hit you with their motorcycle? The first steps after any kind of motorcycle accident in California (or, more broadly, any kind of vehicular accident) is to get medical treatment. Specifically, you want medical treatment from professionals who follow American Medical Association approved treatment modalities. Getting legal counsel along the way is very important, too. 

motorcycle accident in California

Concerns After a Motorcycle Accident in California

The time after a vehicular accident is crucial, as there’s so much you’ll have to deal with. Have you been experiencing aches and pains that you didn’t have before? Is your car or motorcycle totaled, and you’re unsure how you’ll have to go to work? Even if you feel perfectly healthy, it’s almost invariably a good idea to get medical attention, as self-diagnosing is very difficult. The last thing you want is for an injury to reveal itself further down the line. That’s true even if you don’t have health insurance, or aren’t sure how you’re going to end up paying for all of this. Getting a legal group on your side can make it possible to get all of these done quickly. 

What a Legal Group Can Do 

Obviously, a legal group can represent you in your case, making it possible for you to have representation when going against an insurance company or anyone else. Beyond that, a legal group can support you with immediate solutions, such as finding a rental car, getting medical treatment, and so forth. What some don’t realize is that a legal group can help with so-called “red tape,” too – that means dealing with body shops, insurance adjusters, the police, and so forth. 

The Levinson Law Group 

One legal group stands out from the others, through results, experience, and work in the community. The Levinson Law Group has been doing this for a long time, helping folks through every single step of the legal process. From the initial investigation stage, through the settlement, trial, and even an appeal if necessary, they can support you all along the way. They return calls on time, so that you always feel like you’re their sole client. Understanding the importance of community, they work with groups like the Mothers Against Drunk Driving, as well as handing out grants for people who have taken the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Experience from Both Sides 

Insurance companies only hire the best lawyers to take on people who have been injured in accidents. Gordon Levinson knows that all too well, as he used to be one of them. He represented some of the biggest insurance companies in America. Now, he can put that insider knowledge to work for you. Today, he takes on insurance companies, on behalf of aggrieved, injured people. This kind of unique knowledge is just one more factor that sets the Levinson Law Group apart. Call today for a free consultation (760) 512-8088.