2 Mar 2020,

Were You in a Carlsbad Motorcycle Accident?

Have you been riding on your motorcycle when you were hit and injured by another vehicle? Were you walking or driving when someone on a motorcycle struck you? Was your vehicle damaged or even totaled? Are you suffering from injuries that you aren’t sure how you’ll be able to recover from or pay for? These are all of the kinds of scenarios that can occur after a Carlsbad motorcycle accident. An experienced team of physicians and lawyers can help. 

Getting Back on Your Feet, So to Speak, After a Carlsbad Motorcycle Accident 

If your car is struck by a motorcycle, it could lead to you having to pay an auto body shop exorbitant amounts to fix your car. You may even have to get an entirely new vehicle. Of course, the more pressing concern is making sure that you’re healed. That could mean an extended stay in a hospital bed as well as copious amounts of time away from or out of work. Fixing all of this doesn’t require slick talking or anything like that, what you need are fast comprehensive solutions. 

Carlsbad motorcycle accident

The Levinson Law Group: Focused on Vehicle Collision Cases 

Instead of being good at many different things, we believe in doing one thing well. That’s just one of the reasons that the Levinson Law Group only accepts vehicle collision cases. There are lawyers here who have been doing motorcycle collision cases for a long time. Whereas some firms may have “some” experience with vehicle collision cases (while they specialize in other areas) the Levinson Law Group accepts these cases exclusively. That means that any lawyer from the Levinson Law Group is fully knowledgeable as well as successful in all aspects of a vehicle collision case. 

Guiding You Through the Entire Vehicle Collision Case Process 

The Levinson Law Group can assist you in finding answers to questions like “who’s going to pay for all this” and “how long will I be out of work?” By that same token, they can help with getting you through all of the bureaucracy and other problems that can arise: that means assisting with insurance adjusters, auto body shops, even the police, and hospitals, should you require that. They can also be there for you from the initial crash scene investigation, through the negotiations, to trial, and to appeal, should all of those steps be necessary. 

A Law Firm That’s Seen These Cases From Both Sides 

One of the many reasons that the Levinson Law Group is so adept at assisting with every step of the process is that they’ve seen it all from the insurance company’s perspective, too. See, Gordon Levinson of the Levinson Law Group used to be a lawyer representing the same insurance companies that the law group takes on today. So, he knows what they do, how they do it, when they do it, how to counteract it, and so much more. Now, he can put that experience to work for you. Additionally, the firm is classified as “essential,” so the Levinson Law Group is open during the pandemic. Coronavirus-safe legal service is available, and the group can even place you with doctors to treat your injuries. Call today for your free consultation: (760) 512-8088