15 Jan 2019,

Will My Health Insurance Cover Me in a Motorcycle Accident?

If you were in a recent motorcycle accident, then you need to understand what insurance covers your collision. For example, you might want to know if your health insurance company can cover significant bodily injuries after a crash.

To ensure you use the right insurance for your motorcycle accident, we want to review how to use health insurance to cover your injuries.


Before this conversation goes farther, for this article, we assume you carry health insurance.

It is unfortunate that even with the Affordable Care Act, 12.2% of the population still does not have health insurance. If you do not have a health insurance plan, you must rely on motorcycle insurance and the other driver’s insurance.

For those with health insurance, the first step is to contact your health insurance company. Find out how your plan’s deductible and co-pay operate and what, so you can determine how much you must pay out of pocket.

Record your doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and other medical expenses your health insurance covers. In fact, Levinson Law recommends that after the car accident you keep a full account of your settlement expenses.

Still, your health insurance company does not cover all accident-related out-of-pocket costs. Items that do not receive health care coverage include:

  • Property damage
  • lost wages
  • lost trips
  • physical pain
  • emotional suffering
  • general expenses

That is why all motorcycle riders need property & casualty coverage to cover these costs.

Health insurance is the coverage of last resort. Use it when your motorcycle insurance does not cover your immediate health care needs.

When you win your settlement, the health insurance company expects you to pay them back. On the other hand, the motorcycle insurance company does not expect you to refund them the settlement money for the accident costs.


As the name suggests, motorcycle liability insurance covers bikers driving their motorcycle. The State of California requires you to carry motorcycle insurance to ride a bike. Therefore, check your insurance policy to see if it covers you.

If you do not have motorcycle liability insurance, talk to insurance companies like Geico or Progressive. Alternatively, motorcycle companies like Harley Davidson offer protection to their clients as well.

You can shop around to see what insurance company provides you the highest amount of coverage for the best price.

It works like traditional car insurance. However, the extra risks associated with motorcycle riding make it costlier for riders to get insurance. When you own the right motorcycle insurance, you prepare for the challenges bikers face.

Unlike a car, motorcyclists are more likely to get injured because of the lack of protection on their vehicle.

The medical insurance coverage for a motorcycle covers many bills a health insurance company does not.

For example, your medical insurance plan might require you to pay for items like:

  • health insurance deductibles
  • co-pays
  • dental care
  • psychiatric care
  • prescription drugs
  • home nurses
  • funeral costs

It is best to understand the entire both your motorcycle and health insurance policy. Contact us at Levinson Law with a free policy review to find out your medical insurance covers.


If you want an insurance company to help you, then you need to collect all the documents from the accident.

For example, everyone understands when someone is injured, it is essential to call 911. The ambulance technicians take your readings on the scene to make sure they get you safely to the hospital.

It is important to collect these medical records as well as medical bills, invoices, receipts, and other expenses.

Furthermore, do not forget the police report, so you can prove your case to the insurance companies and courts. The more records you gather, the more you ensure you collect a legal settlement to cover your needs.


The information above gives you a general guideline of what to do after a motorcycle accident. However, to help you more we need to see the specifics of your accident.

If you want to know what your next steps should be, then contact Levinson Law at (760) 642-5475 for a free consultation today. You pay nothing unless you win the case!