23 Mar 2020,

In Need of a Car Accident Lawyer in Carlsbad?

Were you or someone you care about injured in a vehicular accident? Has it led to any number of pain and injuries? Are you now looking at mounting bills without being 100% sure about how you’re going to pay for them? In a crisis like this, you need two things promptly: medical care as quickly as possible and experienced legal counsel. A car accident lawyer in Carlsbad from our firm can help with both. 

Medical Care for Whatever May Come

Unfortunately, when you’re in some kind of vehicular accident, you may not know the full extent of the injuries at first. For example, you might leave an accident with pain in your shoulder, only to discover days or even weeks later that you suffered more injuries than that. The only way to know the truth is to get an experienced network of physicians to examine and ultimately treat you. The right law firm can help you to get connected to just such a group. 

car accident lawyer in Carlsbad

Law Firm that Solves Problems 

The right law firm can do more than just represent you in court. They could also help you to get the things that you need immediately in the wake of an accident. That could include getting you a rental car, or answering questions about the length of the process, dealing with insurance companies, and even assisting with figuring out how things are going to go at your job. 

A Law Firm that Communicates

What you don’t need is a law firm that pushes you away or keeps you at a distance. There are many law firms in the area. Unfortunately, many of them take a long time to return phone calls. Or, even if they do, they treat you like you’re a client that’s far down on the list of priorities. This is why it’s so crucial to get a law firm that treats you like a person. This means that they return your calls promptly, treating your case with the respect, consideration, and empathy that it deserves. 

The Levinson Law Group: Part of the Community 

Compassion is important in all walks of life. That’s even more true at this time. The Levinson Law Group has administered $450 emergency grant checks to those in the community who have been hit the hardest, so to speak, by the COVID-19 pandemic. That also means helping people who have been injured during this time by placing them with medical professionals. The Levinson Law Group is always proud to help the community, even during the pandemic as an essential service. That means offering safe legal services on the phone or online. The strength of a community is its people, and we all want to do our part to help those who are in need. 

A Car Accident Lawyer in Carlsbad that’s Seen it All 

Insurance companies don’t have to worry about their lawyers: they have teams of them. In fact, the Levinson Law Group’s Gordon Levinson used to be one of them. For years, he was on the other side of the table, representing big insurance companies. Now, that expertise can be put to use for you and your case. For more information about the Levinson Law Group, or to schedule a free consultation, call us at (760) 512-8088