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Injuries Sustained in a Vehicle Accident? Let Us Fight For You!

Disclaimer: Sending us an email does not make us your attorneys. No attorney/client relationship is formed until both the attorney and the client have entered into a signed written agreement for service.
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Carlsbad Auto Accident Attorney

40 Years of Experience in Southern California Advocacy

Are you suffering from injuries caused by a negligent driver? Is a family member facing a permanent condition due to injuries sustained in a car accident? If so, you need a team of compassionate legal professionals handling your car accident claim. Our Carlsbad auto accident lawyers are experienced, caring, and here to help you.

When you are looking for a reliable law firm that returns your calls and treats you respectfully, call the Levinson Law Group. We provide you with the support system you need to handle the red tape, the insurance adjusters, the police, the hospital, the auto body shops, and the many other parties and entities of interest. Let us deal with the legal aspect of your car accident while you concentrate on your physical and emotional recovery.

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Injuries Sustained in a Vehicle Accident? Let Us Fight For You!

Disclaimer: Sending us an email does not make us your attorneys. No attorney/client relationship is formed until both the attorney and the client have entered into a signed written agreement for service.
or call us at (760) 642-5475

No Recovery, No Fee

The Levinson Law Group accepts cases on a contingent fee. That means that if there is no recovery in your case you pay no fee. And in most cases, we even advance the costs. For your free consultation, call (760) 642-5475 today. Gordon R. Levinson used to represent the largest insurers in North America. Now he uses that knowledge and experience fighting for injured and aggrieved people against the big insurance companies. Put his experience and insider knowledge on your side.

Won’t Insurance Take Care Of Everything for My Car Accident?
The insurance company would like to take care of everything for your car accident; however, that is not in your best interest. Our founding attorney understands how insurance companies work because he used to represent them. He knows the tactics used by insurance companies to reduce the amount paid to victims for car accident claims. The insurance adjuster may tell you that you do not need a car accident lawyer but this is not in your best interest.

The insurance company has a team of professionals and vast resources to fight car accident claims. You need a car accident lawyer on your side to level the playing field in order to protect your right to receive a fair and just settlement for your car accident claim. An insurance company is in business to make a profit. The company does not make a profit by paying large settlements in personal injury cases. Therefore, the adjuster and other agents for the insurance company will use whatever resources and tools they have to reduce the amount of compensation paid to you for your injuries. This is not fair to you or your family. You can prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of you by hiring an experienced car accident attorney.

For example, the adjuster may request:

While both of these requests seem logical and reasonable, the adjuster is not telling you that anything you say may be used against you later in the case to decrease the compensation the company must pay on your claim. He / she is also not telling you they want all of your medical records so they can try to claim your current injuries were not completely caused by the accident due to a previous accident or medical condition.

Our Victories

We’re Here to Fight for You—and Win.

You should never give a recorded or written statement to an insurance adjuster without first consulting a personal injury attorney. Before signing any documents for the insurance company or its attorneys, you should consult with an attorney to ensure you are not damaging your claim by signing those documents.

Let our attorneys fight for your right to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. It is our job to protect your best interests while you concentrate on getting better and getting back to your life after a car accident. We’ve recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients and we’re ready to put that experience to work for you.

Free Case Review with an Experienced Carlsbad Car Accident Attorney

The Levinson Law Group is a Carlsbad, CA law firm focused on one goal: Getting justice for our clients. Our owner and lead counsel Gordon Levinson previously represented some of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Now, he uses his insider knowledge to stand up for victims and families who have suffered car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, spinal injuries, brain injuries, burn injuries, wrongful death, texting and driving accidents, drunk driving accidents, and personal injury.

Our results speak for themselves—we have recovered tens of millions on behalf of clients in Carlsbad, Oceanside, Escondido, and throughout the state of California. Contact our office at (760) 642-5475 or through our online contact form to see how our experience can benefit you. Start with a free case evaluation today!

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