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Carlsbad Personal Injury Attorneys

If you are suffering from a serious injury sustained by the reckless actions of a negligent third party, the Levinson Law Group can help. For more than 40 years combined, we have represented injury victims throughout North San Diego County, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

We know that dealing with the legal aspects of an accident can be overwhelming, and we don’t want your focus to be on anything other than your physical and emotional recovery.

Our owner and lead counsel Gordon Levinson previously represented some of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Now, he uses his insider knowledge to stand up for victims and families who have suffered car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, spinal injuries, brain injuries, burn injuries, wrongful death, texting and driving accidents, drunk driving accidents, and personal injury.

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When you’re up against a large insurance company, you can’t afford to work with an inexperienced lawyer. At Levinson Law Group, you won’t have to. Backed by more than four decades of professional experience, our lead attorney, Gordon Levinson, is more than familiar with the tactics employed by insurance adjusters in Carlsbad and throughout the United States.

For years, Attorney Levinson worked for some of the largest insurance firms in North America – experience he now uses to effectively represent the personal injury cases our firm handles in San Diego. With Levinson Law Group on your side, you’ll never have to worry about what you should or shouldn’t say to an insurance adjuster, because we’ll do all the talking for you. Strategic in our approach and heartfelt in our commitment, we can be trusted to handle your case with the care needed for ultimate success.

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Personal injury cases are time-sensitive. Not only do you have a limited window in which to take legal action, but waiting for an extended period of time could hinder your chances of securing eyewitnesses and testimonies for your case. If you or someone you love was recently injured, we encourage you to act quickly. Call our office today to schedule a free, in-person meeting with a Carlsbad personal injury lawyer from our firm.

Our Practice Areas
Car Accidents
40 Years of Experience in Southern California Advocacy
Are you suffering from injuries caused by a negligent driver? Is a family member facing a permanent condition due to injuries sustained in a car accident? If so, you need a team of compassionate legal professionals handling your car accident claim. Our Carlsbad auto accident lawyers are experienced, caring, and here to help you…
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Bicycle Accidents
Carlsbad Bicycle Accident Lawyer with 40 Years of Experience
Do you enjoy bicycling in California with your family and friends? Do you use your bicycle as an inexpensive form of transportation to and from work? Does riding your bicycle provide a way to stay in shape and maintain good health? If so, you are not alone. Bicycling is increasing throughout California and the United States as a form of exercise, transportation, and recreation…
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Car Accidents
Do you trust insurance companies to give you a fair settlement? If not, let us help. We recovered ~$50 million in settlements.
Bicycle Accidents
If you or someone you care for was hurt in a bicycle accident discover your legal rights with a free consultation today.
Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle fatalities skyrocketed over the past 10 years. Choose an experienced motorcycle accident attorney with decades of experience who understands your case.
Truck Accidents
Large truck accidents are more damaging than your typical auto accident. Therefore, you need a personal injury lawyer familiar with truck rules and regulations.
Pedestrian Accidents
Often vehicles forget to share the road with pedestrians. However, pedestrians are more vulnerable to injury or death than cars, because of the lack of protection. Not sure what to do next?
Drunk Driving Accidents
Did you know every 2 minutes in the US a person is injured because of drunk driving? If you or a loved one were hurt because of a drunk driver find out what you can do.
Bus, Train, and Trolley Accidents
Were you injured as a passenger on a bus, train, or trolley? Find out your rights as a passenger by contacting our office.
Taxi or Uber Accidents
Did you or someone you love suffer an injury or fatality at the hand of an aggressive taxi or Uber driver? Find out what you can do to recoup your expenses by contacting our office today.
Boating Accidents
If you have been injured in a boating accident, hiring an experienced Carlsbad boat accident lawyer from a recognized personal injury law firm such as the Levinson Law Group is the smartest move you can make.
Brain Injury
If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation for your injury and other losses or expenses incurred.
Spine Injures
Spinal cord injuries resulting from car accidents are most often severe and always unpredictable as additional damage typically occurs over the next few days or weeks due to swelling, bleeding and fluid accumulation.
Wrongful Death
Wrongful death claims are considered civil lawsuits presented to a court directly by the survivors of the deceased person. It is important that you call the Levinson Law Group right away to start building your case.
Burn Injuries
Burn injuries require immediate attention—both physically and legally. Legal advice from a qualified burn injury lawyer can help you receive the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.
Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Accidents
Our attorneys at the Levinson Law Group highly recommend every driver include uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage in their insurance policy.
Distracted Driving Accidents
Although distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents every day the majority of us do it all the time—maybe without even realizing it!
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Disclaimer: Sending us an email does not make us your attorneys. No attorney/client relationship is formed until both the attorney and the client have entered into a signed written agreement for service.
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