I Was Rear-Ended At A Parking Lot In Carlsbad; Who Is At Fault?

Accidents in parking lots are far more common than you might think. Even though in most cases, drivers are going slowly, vehicles are all over the place coming and going and backing up. Most parking lots also offer relatively cramped spaces to navigate while parking or backing out. Generally, the person who caused the accident is the person who bears liability for any damages and whose insurance pays for those damages and injuries.

Typically, vehicles in the through lanes have the right of way. Drivers in parking lanes are to yield the right of way. This means if there is a collision between someone backing out of a spot and another car traveling in a through lane, the driver backing up is at fault. The exception to this rule would be if the driver in the through lane was speeding.

Often two vehicles collide when they are both backing up at the same time. In that case, both drivers are usually equally at fault for the crash. Along with this type of reverse rear-end accident when two vehicles back into each other’s rear end, there is also the standard rear-end where a car rams into another vehicle in front of them, usually due to inattention.

Parking lot accidents are not just about backing up, being rear-ended or being involved in another type of crash. There are instances where the parking lot or parking garage is liable for an accident based on premises liability. Parking lot owners can be held at fault for having dangerous conditions on their lots or in their garages. An example would be a very poorly designed lot that caused unreasonable risks to drivers or the failure of an owner to address crumbling pavement on the exit ramp.

Like other car accidents, parking lot collisions can either be straightforward or complicated. If you have been seriously injured in a parking lot crash, call the Levinson Law Group and discuss your case.

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