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Were you recently involved in a car accident? Were your children in the car? Has your child missed school and is looking at a long road to recovery? Are you wondering what you can do to hold the negligent driver responsible for your child’s injuries? If so, you need a San Diego law firm with experience in handling car accidents with injured children. For parents, these accidents and their aftermath are emotionally challenging. A San Diego car accident lawyer can help take some of the burdens associated with bringing a case off your hands, so you can focus on being the parent your child needs during this time.

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Our founder, Gordon Levinson, spent years working for some of the largest insurance companies in North America. Now he uses that knowledge and experience to fight for injured people against big insurance companies. Put our experience, insider knowledge and expertise on your side. With our help, you can hold the parties responsible for your child’s injuries accountable.

If your child was seriously injured in a San Diego auto accident, you can take steps to hold the driver who caused the collision accountable by filing a personal injury lawsuit. At The Levinson Law Group, our dedicated team of San Diego car accident attorneys has extensive experience working with families to help them through the recovery process. We understand the unique concerns that car collisions with injured children present and are well-suited to assist your family in seeking the justice that you deserve.

Car Accidents in California

The California Highway Patrol maintains a car accident database called the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS). According to the most recently available data, in 2019 3,606 people were killed in fatal California car accidents. In 2017, 227,160 people were injured in 193,564 non-fatal California car accidents.

The 2019 data represents a slight decrease in fatal accidents and a moderate decrease in non-fatal accidents. According to the 2016 SWITRS data, in 2018 3,798 people were killed in fatal California car accidents, and in 2016 280,020 people were injured in 195,347 non-fatal California car accidents.

In California, 2017 represented a 10-year high in the number of fatal car accidents.

Children and Car Accidents

It is indisputable that car accidents pose a serious risk to any passenger. The forces involved in even a low-speed collision can cause serious injuries to adult passengers. According to one report, accidents involving speeds of as little as 12 miles per hour can cause whiplash or other serious soft-tissue damage.

When a child is involved in a car accident, the threat of severe injury increases significantly. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), a child is injured as a passenger in a vehicle every 32 seconds. In 2018, more than 630 children under the age of 12 were killed in car accidents. Another 97,000 children per year, on average, are injured in car accidents.

The Importance of Car Seats

Children are smaller, weigh less and seatbelts do not always protect them. Therefore, experts recommend that children ride in car seats.

According to NHTSA, car seats can reduce the chance of death for an infant by as much as 71 percent.

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control reveals that car seats save an average of 500 lives per year. Of all children who die in car accidents, about one-third were not properly buckled up at the time of the accident.

Types of Car Seats

Car seats used to be uniform in design because it was understood that children would only require them for a few years. However, medical experts now recommend that children stay in a car seat until they are much older. There are three types of car seats:

Rear-facing car seats

Rear-facing car seats are the only recommended car seat for infants up to 12 months. However, children should remain in a rear-facing car seat as long as possible. Rear-facing car seats should be placed in the back seat. When a child reaches the upper limit of the height or weight limit, it is time to put them in a front-facing car seat.

Front-facing car seats

Front-facing car seats are also placed in the rear seats and are designed as the best option for children up to seven, provided they are within the weight and height limit. Once a child is too big for a front-facing car seat, the next step is to transition into a high-back booster seat.

Booster seats

A booster seat is the final version of a car seat, designed for older children up to 12 years old. Booster seats come in two types: high-back and backless. High-back booster seats are intended to provide back and neck support and are advisable if a vehicle does not have headrests. Backless booster seats only lift a child high enough so the seatbelt can fit them properly.

Defective Car Seat Injuries

Car seats are crucial, as they can reduce the chances of a child suffering serious injuries or death in the event of a car accident. While parents should always ensure that they are using care seats correctly, there are some situations where a defective car seat does not protect a child as it should. Tens of thousands of car seats have been recalled by various manufacturers.

Recalls are commonly misunderstood. Issuing a recall does not necessarily immunize a manufacturer from liability, nor does it automatically mean the manufacturer is responsible for any resulting injuries. However, depending on the situation, a recall can provide valuable evidence in a San Diego car accident involving child injuries.

Generally, companies are responsible for the product they design, manufacture, market and sell to the public. When a product suffers a design or manufacturing defect, the manufacturer may be liable.

Common Child Injuries in San Diego Car Accidents

Car accidents are among the leading causes of injury among all age groups, and children are no exception. Some of the most common types of injuries in San Diego car accidents with injured children include:

Broken bones: Children’s bones, while more flexible than adult’s, are still susceptible to breaking. Car accidents tend to result in the most severe fractures and breaks. Sometimes, a break may permanently damage the growth plates at the ends of the bones, causing bones to grow at an angle or develop slower than they should. The effects of these breaks may not be readily apparent after an accident.

Head and brain injuries: The long-term damage of childhood head injuries has recently become the focus of much research. Car accidents make up about seven percent of cases of childhood brain injuries. Children who sustain a traumatic brain injury may be at risk of developing serious physical and mental health issues later in life.

Spinal injuries: Injury to the back and spine are common in car accidents due to the physical forces involved. Spine injuries can range in seriousness from mild soft-tissue damage to vertebral fractures to spinal cord damage. Often, a child will overcome their injuries and go on to live a normal life. In severe cases, a child may suffer permanent nerve damage, herniated discs and even paralysis.

Psychological damage: While the physical impact of a car accident may be a parent’s immediate focus, the toll that car accidents take on children extends beyond their physical bodies. Car accidents are traumatic, and children lack an understanding of why things happen. Some children may develop what seems to be irrational fears after a serious auto accident. Children are also not as equipped to deal with pain and other repercussions of a car crash, which can take a toll on their mental health.

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