11 Jan 2019,

Ask a Car Accident Lawyer: Do I Need to Report a Minor Car Crash in California?


Have you been in a car crash in California? Did you consider the car crash to be minor? If so, you may not have thought you needed to involve a car accident lawyer.

Are your injuries now more severe than they appeared to be right after the collision? Are you now missing time from work and facing huge medical bills? Is the insurance company for the other driver denying your claim because you did not seek immediate medical treatment?


It is very common for accident victims to seek medical attention a few days, weeks, or even a month after a car crash. The aches and pains that they thought would go away in a few days lingered and/or became worse. Unfortunately, those aches and pains were symptoms of a more serious medical condition that was not known right after the crash.

Insurance companies love to use the fact that someone did not seek immediate medical treatment after a car crash to deny claims. An experienced Carlsbad car accident lawyer can help you by fighting the insurance company to protect your rights under California’s personal injury laws.

Gordon R. Levinson of The Levinson Law Group represented some of the largest insurance companies in America before he began his practice solely dedicated to helping injury victims just like you. Gordon now uses the experience and insider knowledge he gained as an attorney for insurance companies to help motor vehicle accident victims recover fair and full compensation for their injuries.

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If you are in a car crash, contact the police immediately and remain at the scene of the collision until the police arrive. If anyone requires emergency medical assistance, tell the 911 operator you need an ambulance. However, if there are no serious injuries, the police may not respond to your crash. Therefore, you must know what to do in the event the police do not come to the scene of your car crash.

First, you need to exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver. In addition to obtaining this information, take pictures of the vehicles and the accident scene. Also, obtain the names and contact information for any eyewitnesses to the car crash. This information will be extremely helpful if you need to retain a car accident lawyer for your accident claim. In fact, it is a good idea to do this even if the police respond to the scene.

Even if you do not think you suffered any serious injuries, it is always in your best interest to be seen by your physician as soon as possible after the car crash. You could have injuries that are not immediately apparent that, if left untreated, could result in life-threatening and/or permanent medical conditions (i.e. closed head injury, internal bleeding, internal organ damage, nerve and muscle damage, etc.).

For your health and to protect your right to file an accident claim against the other driver, see your medical provider after any car crash.

The California Vehicle Code requires you to file a traffic accident report with the California Department of Motor Vehicles if the traffic accident resulted in:

  • Property damages of more than $750 OR
  • Anyone was injured due to the accident OR
  • Anyone was killed in the accident.

You can obtain more information about reporting a traffic accident and get a copy of the required traffic accident report from the DMV’s website.


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