9 Jan 2019,

Do Motorcycle Riders Face a Greater Risk Of Injury Than Other Motorists?

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? Has a loved one been killed due to the negligence of another driver? If so, you know the devastation and loss that a motorcycle accident can cause for the victim and his or her family. Motorcycle riders have a greater risk of injury than motorists do in other vehicles for a variety of reasons. The injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are often traumatic, life-changing conditions. The Levinson Law Group (motorcycle accident lawyer) understands this and uses valuable knowledge of the insurance industry to ensure that accident victims and their family receive the compensation they need as they try to put the pieces of their life back together after a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle riders have the same legal rights as other motorists to receive compensation from the negligent party who caused the accident. We accept cases on a contingent fee. That means that if there is no recovery in your case you pay no fee. And in most cases, we even advance the costs. For your free consultation, call (760) 642-5475 today.

Why are Motorcycle Riders at a Greater Risk for Traumatic Injuries?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcycle riders are at a greater risk for serious injury because they lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle in a crash. The risk of death is also greater. During 2013 alone, 4,381 people died in motorcycle accidents. The NHTSA reports that motorcycle riders are 26 times more likely to be killed in a collision than a passenger in a car. Over 80% of motorcycle accidents result in the death or injury of the rider. Head injury is the leading cause of death for motorcycle riders. The risk of severe head trauma dramatically increases for motorcycle riders who do not wear helmets. Motorcycles do not provide any protection for the rider; therefore, when the motorcycle rider is involved in a collision, the rider takes the full impact of the collision. The body of a car or other vehicle absorbs the force in a crash protecting the passenger from the full impact. This can reduce the severity of injuries for the passengers of vehicle. The lack of protection increases the risk of severe injuries for a motorcycle rider including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury (TBI), severe internal injuries, broken bones, and severed limbs.

Studies have proven that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of severe head trauma for motorcycle riders. However, helmets do not offer the same protection as being in a car during a collision. Furthermore, helmets do not protect the other areas of the body during a collision. Motorcycle riders who are injured in accidents can receive compensation from the negligent driver who caused the accident. This is often very important in cases of severe injuries where medical bills, personal care expenses, lost wages, and other damages can quickly add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. While money does not undo the severe injuries sustained by motorcycle riders, compensation for damages can help the accident victim and his or her family pay for necessary care and living expenses as they try to recover from a terrible experience.