19 Mar 2020,

Is it Time to Hire an Accident Attorney in Oceanside After a Crash?

Have you been tossing and turning with aches and pains, unable to sleep after a car accident? Did you suffer injuries to your tissue or even bones? Do you still have headaches even after trying all kinds of medicines? These are just some of the problems that an accident attorney in Oceanside from our firm can help with. Getting medical care and a law firm on your side: those are two of the best ways to help yourself at this moment. 

Problem Solvers 

At this time, you’re probably facing a lot of problems that you might never have had to deal with before. They could include wondering: “how would I ever be able to afford all of this medical care?” “I don’t have insurance, so is there any way that I can get the medical treatment that I clearly need?” “My car’s totaled, so how am I going to be able to go anywhere?” These may not seem like questions that a law firm can help with, but they’re one more way that the right law firm can help. 

accident attorney in Oceanside

“Red Tape” Removers 

For the most part, the phrase “red tape” refers to unnecessary bureaucracy, artificial barriers that keep regular people from getting necessary help. The right accident attorney can cut through any red tape that might get in your way. This red tape could take the form of the police, it could be insurance adjusters who won’t stop calling, it could be an unhelpful auto body shop, it could involve the hospital. So-called red tape can come in many forms. 

The Levinson Law Group: A Firm with Insider Knowledge 

Insurance companies have their own way of dealing with car accident cases. The biggest ones have been very successful at it. Gordon Levinson of the Levinson Law Group knows that all too well: he used to work for the insurance companies. In fact, he represented some of the biggest insurance companies in North America, the ones that are household names. Now, he’s gone over to the other side. Today he and the rest of the firm help people who are up against the insurance companies. But, what sets this firm apart from so many others is that he knows how the insurance companies work, everything that they do. This way, he can put that to good use in your case. 

Proven Law Firm 

It’s one thing to say that a firm can solve problems in a blog, and so forth. That’s one more factor that separates the Levinson Law Group: testimonials. There are so many from former clients, explaining their experience with the firm. Beyond that, there’s reviews from AVVO, Million Dollar Advocates, the Better Business Bureau, the Super Lawyers and others that can only be classified as “outstanding.” The time after a car accident can be a very difficult one. One that occurs during a pandemic can be even worse: that’s why the Levinson Law Group can place injured people with medical professionals right now. Additionally, since the law group is an essential service, they can provide legal services on the phone or online. The Levinson Law Group is ready to help in a multitude of ways. Call today to schedule a free consultation: (760) 512-8088