14 Jan 2019,

Levinson Law Group Named in Expertise’s 2017 18 Best Car Accident Attorneys in San Diego

We at Levinson Law Group are thrilled to announce we have been selected to Expertise’s 2017 18 Best Car Accident Attorneys in San Diego list. This incredible honor represents a culmination of all our hard work, determination, and commitment to client satisfaction. Out of 329 reviewed law firms, ours was chosen to be a part of this prestigious group, and we are proud to be in such wonderful company.

Expertise has a solitary goal: providing potential clients with a comprehensive guide to the best of the best in any given field. Their strict vetting process includes taking many personal and professional aspects into consideration, including but not limited to reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism. Instead of you having to spend hours researching and reaching out to various businesses, Expertise takes care of it for you.

Our team is extremely thrilled to be recognized in such a wonderfully rewarding way, and we look forward to continuing our outstanding service to those we care about most–our clients. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident and are in need of legal counsel you can trust, look no further than our compassionate and reliable team at Levinson Law Firm.


At Levinson Law Group, we believe in ensuring our clients are taken care of following an injury they received in a car accident. We know just how debilitating it can be to refrain from your everyday life because of an injury, which is why we work efficiently and effectively to provide you with the results you deserve. We want you to focus on healing so you can get back on your feet with ease, while we take care of the rest. Don’t face these issues on your own–let our exceptional and success-driven law firm guide you throughout this process.

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