8 Feb 2020,

Oceanside Personal Injury Lawyer to Assist When You’ve Been Injured

Were you hurt in a vehicular collision and you’re unsure about who’s going to pay for everything? Did this accident occur because of someone else’s reckless, impaired, or just distracted driving? Have you been unable to work after your accident, causing bills and other financial expenses to build up? These are all serious problems that require immediate, straight answers. An Oceanside personal injury lawyer from the Levinson Law Group can help you to get the support you need at this time. 

What’s Required After You’ve Been Injured 

The first things you’ll probably need, in order, are instant medical care and legal counsel. You’ve probably got a million questions rushing through your head, which is where an experienced network of physicians and attorneys can help. They can provide answers right now: getting a rental car, getting into a hospital bed, figuring out your situation at work, and so forth. They can even help with the insurance, figuring out which insurers are liable to pay for the damage, just how long this will take, how will insurance pay for the treatment, and so forth. 

oceanside personal injury lawyer

A Law Group that Works as a Support System 

A law firm can do so much more than just answer your phone calls. Sure, it’s important to have a firm that treats you like you’re their only client and answers your calls as such. But, a law firm can also help to handle all of the other parts that surround a vehicular accident, such as the insurance adjusters, the cops, the hospital, auto body shops, and all of the other parties that can put the red tape in your way. By having a team of compassionate professionals by your side, you can get plenty of assistance while they’re also preparing your case for trial. 

The Levinson Law Group 

The insurance companies will have teams of professional lawyers on their side. The Levinson Law Group understands this, as Gordon Levinson used to be one of them. He used to represent the largest insurers in North America. Now, on the other side, he can put that expertise to work for injured and aggrieved people going against the insurance companies. That insider knowledge can be used against the insurance companies, to help people who are going through a very difficult time. 

An Oceanside Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case 

Focus is one more way that the Levinson Law Group is different from the other personal injury law firms. This firm only handles cases involving vehicular collision cases. Lawyers from the firm are knowledgeable as well as successful in all aspects of vehicle collision cases. That means that you’ll have a proven pro by your side from the crash scene investigation all the way through the trial and beyond. We accept cases on a contingency fee. That means that if there is no recovery in your case you pay no fee. And in most cases, we even advance the costs. Call us today for your free consultation at (760) 512-8088.