Author: Levinson Law Group

18 Nov 2019,

CHP Motorcycle Officer Seriously Injured in SR 78 Collision

Escondido, CA — A California Highway Patrol Motorcycle officer suffered severe injuries Tuesday. The crash happened on SR 78 where it intersects with Interstate 15. The collision happened around 9:00 am and involved an SUV The officer drove east in western Escondido during a period of heavy traffic. His motorcycle […]
10 Oct 2019,

DUI Driver Who Caused Fatal Hillcrest Crash Has Been Sentenced

The woman who caused the fatal Hillcrest accident in March was handed a 13-year, 4-month prison sentence on Wednesday.  Alondra Marquez, 22, pleaded guilty in August to gross vehicular manslaughter. At the time of the accident, Marquez was driving while intoxicated, killing 40-year-old Giao Pham and  seriously injuring his friend, […]
2 Oct 2019,

What is Joint and Several Liability in California?

Joint and several liability is a legal principle that is applicable in some states. The meaning of joint and several liability in California is simple. Two or more parties can be held independently responsible for the full amount of damages sustained by a personal injury plaintiff. This liability is regardless […]
2 Oct 2019,

Comparative vs. Contributory Negligence in California

Understanding the differences between comparative versus contributory negligence is important, as it’s fundamental to proving your personal injury claim. Our California personal injury attorneys will explain. California follows the legal principle of comparative negligence, which is dramatically different than contributory negligence. Only a handful of states still follow the rule […]