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suv falls off embankment i 15 north county

SUV Plunges Off I-15 Embankment in North County Killing One Woman

On Thursday May 30th, a woman suffered serious injuries then later passed away after her SUV fell off an embankment on Interstate 15. The car fell roughly 200 feet down the embankment in North County according to authorities. The incident was just after 6:00 p.m. in the southbound lanes of I-15 in rural Fallbrook near…

California Auto Insurance Claims Laws

Drivers in California need to have insurance in the event of a motor vehicle crash. This covers their own injuries or losses. In addition, a driver must have insurance that can provide coverage for others injured in the collision. This applies when that driver was at fault. Yet filing a car accident claim can have…

How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are injured in an accident or because of another person’s negligence, you may be thinking about your options for filing a claim or a personal injury lawsuit. At the same time, personal injury law in California is complex. It is important to have an experienced advocate on your side who knows California law….

Pain and Suffering: Hit By a Drunk Driver

Suffering injuries in an accident caused by a drunk driver is devastating. Not only can a person sustain serious and life-threatening injuries, but that person’s family can also suffer the consequences. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a total of 10,327 people sustained fatal injuries in drunk driving collisions in…

San Diego car accident reports

Who Is at Fault in a Car Accident T-Bone?

In a car accident in California, the not-at-fault driver maintains the right to file a claim. They can do so against the at-fault driver’s liability insurance policy. Indeed, California is an at-fault car insurance state, which means that drivers are responsible for paying for accidents that they cause. However, understanding whose fault caused an accident–and…


What NOT to Do After a Car Accident: The 4 Things You Should Avoid

A car accident is the last thing that anyone plans for or wants to deal with – a car accident is traumatizing and shocking, and the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful and time-consuming. At the office of the Levinson Law Group, we empathize with you if you’ve been in a car crash…