Will I Get More Money If I Hire A Carlsbad Car Accident Attorney?

Several studies done by the Insurance Research Council show that injured survivors who retained legal counsel received 40 percent more in settlement money than those who did not have an attorney. A second report also revealed that 85 percent of dollars paid for injury claims go to those represented by a lawyer. Payouts for 3.5 times higher for claimants with lawyers when compared to those that did not hire an attorney.

If you are not an attorney, trying to handle a car accident case can cost you thousands of dollars in lost compensation because you were unfamiliar with the legal process involved. If your injuries are severe or life-altering, you need a skilled Carlsbad car accident lawyer to handle your case.

Often accident survivors wonder if they need to hire an attorney and if they can afford one. However, most attorneys work on a contingency fee arrangement. This means the lawyer only gets paid if you receive a court award or settlement. It means no money upfront. The attorney receives reimbursement for services rendered from the proceeds of a settlement or court award. Typically the fee is 33 percent of the total, although that may vary depending on the complexity of a case.

California allows pro se plaintiffs

Prose means an injured plaintiff can represent themselves in court. There are no special exceptions made for those representing themselves, and if they make a mistake, their case may be thrown out.

While a pro se plaintiff may win an award, it is not likely to be what a fully trained and experienced attorney would be able to aim for, and pro se plaintiffs are not aware of how to negotiate for a higher award.

The law is very complicated, and making a mistake while representing yourself can be crucial to your case. Legal representation is the best way to ensure your claim is heard fairly and all the relevant information is submitted correctly.

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